Monday, October 18, 2010

The Plans

I wish I understood what magnificence he planned for me.
I wish too, I understood, what wonders planned for you.

If I could see where he has gone, and where he leads me to,
Then I might be what he will be, because he's taken mine.
What is it Lord that makes me look, at heavens so far out,
And yearns to know, how far they go, and what it’s all about.

I cannot see where you will lead, I cannot call your name,
Because you are so very high, and I so small, the same.
I cannot breathe, because your heights have taken breath away,
And yet I ponder still the word that calls me from them now.

You are so high, and lifted up, and rest upon that throne,
And yet you raise and lift me up, to sit with you alone.
From there I see more clearly still, the plan you made for me.
And know this journeys but a step into your own glory.

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