Saturday, September 11, 2010

Praying is Permission

We went out last night to Ned Houk Park to see the star fields. 
The Milky Way is beyond amazing -
     so vast,  so many stars, so many galaxies. 
The God who made all those made me and lives within me. 

This morning when I considered problems that need solving,
He spoke to my heart and said,  "Give me permission".
This God of all Glory asked permission to bring heaven to earth. 

If I pray asking for the earthly things I need,  knowing that prayer
     is giving Him permission to do them, 
     then it is easy to pray believing. 
Now I understand why prayer is so necessary. 
He wants to be moved. 
The Lord of the Star Fields needs permission to move on earth. 

Jesus prayed this way. 
     "Our Father who art in heaven,... thy kingdom come, 
       thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,".
This request is of course the will of God.
Asking gives heaven permission to bring it into
       the garden of my life. 
I am sure that its the same for you.   Amazing Grace. 

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