Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Forgiving River

I was tired last night, so wasted time watching TV, but there was a change in the usual condeming guilt that follows because of the unfinished tasks and the lack of time spent with important people, the Lord included.
This time I went outside and watched the heavens. I considered the vastness of the galaxies and the glory of God. There came a sense of forgiveness, not just mine, but like a river, one that overflows all the error and lack of this life. It was mine to immerse in, and of course, it also flows over all those I know.
Forgiveness is much more than being forgiven when we are sorry. It has a washing power that takes away the strength of the things  that come to overpower me. It diminishes them even when I have yielded to them. They have less strength against me.

Forgiveness gives me peace. It feels like love.

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