Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How high are the heavens

Last week I visited the Hubble Telescope site and found out about how many galaxies we know from the reaches of space where the scope can see. There are so many that even the galaxies can't be easily counted. And in each one are billions of stars. Not millions, not thousands... but billions. Does that stretch your mind? If not, you are not seeing out beyond yourself.

All this array, so vast, so immense, is still in order. Still held together by the harmonic that runs the universe. Ha, I used that word so easily in college. Now, I see its bigger than the word itself. My God made it all. And as small as I am, in the midst of billions, yet he has let me know him and ask him for my simple needs.

If all this order and expanse can be handled by him. What am I worried about? I will pray as he directs, and he will answer me. Just because he wants to... He loves me. and you.

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